1. You can connect to our Minecraft server with the IP: MC.TooMuchMinecraft.com

by MrDigga12 at 8:21 PM
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We have recently been toying with the idea of resetting the server to change many aspects of the server. But to do this we need to have a full plan of what to change and what to do? So looking for ideas from players on the server of what you would like changed. I have a couple of ideas set away for now That look into the possible changes or additions.

So for now just comment below on what you think you would like changed or even if you would like a server reset.

by MrDigga12 at 12:35 PM
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As you may have noticed recently the server has been quite quiet over the past couple of months. Alongside that we haven't received many new posts or members on the server and website. So to find a resolution to try and fix this we will be hosting a community meeting this Saturday evening 18/10/2014 at 8PM BST on the TeamSpeak server. Everyone is welcome to join in and voice their opinions on what we should do and how we should overcome the activity of the server and website.

TeamSpeak IP: TS.TooMuchMinecraft.co.uk:10867
by Briggybros at 11:04 PM
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So, this has been a long time in the coming. Mojang have given us the blessing of the new EULA for servers when we upgrade to 1.8. I'm sure you love this as much as we do. However, due to these changes, there will have to be a lot of changes to the structure of the server. We don't know exactly what to do to keep the majority of you, the players, happy. So this post is here to find out what you guys want from us as a community. The main adjustment is that, no users can, in terms of game play, pay for an advantage over other players. We are no longer allowed to accept real money for anything that can affect your game play experience.

This means that purchasing donator ranks will no longer be able to give you a lot of the stuff that it currently does and you will no longer be able to purchase credits. So here lies question #1 and #2:

How should we manage the permissions already granted to donators? I feel that anyone who has donated is going to feel hard done by no matter...​
by MrDigga12 at 7:46 PM
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I'm glad to announce that disguises are finally back on the server. Also for 1 week only Members have access to disguise as a chicken to welcome back disguises to the server.

To disguise use /disguise <mob>

As a quick note, there will be many more server updates on plugins to come in the near future.

Many thanks,
by CadetKeto at 10:57 PM
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Hey everyone! Its that time of year again, and EGX is next week!

I know a few of the TMM community is going, so like every year - here is the post to tell everyone else your plans! :D

I will be in London for all 4 days so im fairly flexible. I think most people are going on the Saturday though - so im going to suggest some sort of meetup for those of you that are going be on this day.

Let me know your plans below :D