1. You can connect to our Minecraft server with the IP: MC.TooMuchMinecraft.com

by CadetKeto at 6:37 PM
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Hello TMM'ers

Its getting to that time again where one of the biggest and best gaming conventions comes around....but this year its in Birmingham! This thread is purely for anyone to post the plans they have if they are going, so this is kinda like the official thread to do so.


Ill start off the post with my plans:

I will be going for all 4 days.
I hope to meet you guys and will get in contact with other members of the staff team for a hopeful TMM Meet up? I think Saturday is when its busiest so I suggest we meet then!

I don't think I have much more to post so please post your plans down below! :D

See you there!

PS: Please keep all posts related to EGX! Ty xox
by Wysie at 3:47 AM
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This update concludes the downtime additions along with recent implementations.

  • Changed the TooMuchModesty name back to TooMuchMinecraft.
  • /menu command for an in-game GUI to manage many game mechanics across worlds.
  • Separate currencies for each world, primarily for the separation of Survival coins and minigame currencies.
  • Released RPG world preview, players can visit the world in adventure mode with only the ability to die.
  • Added Murder minigame.
  • Added Hide & Seek minigame.
  • Added Parkour minigames.
  • New minigame arenas.
  • Changed the NPC system, these will be added over the next few days in connection with RPG.
  • New donation store & site.
  • Added 100+ titles & Premium titles.
We also have a new member of staff, @Thewiserbradley who is our...
by Digga at 8:16 PM
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Moderator applications are once again open and available to everyone.

You can apply Here

You may also notice that I have changed the way mod applications are displayed. Only your application is visible to you and nobody else except staff can view it.

FORMAT This must be followed
by Cas at 10:13 PM
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Jr Builder Applications are now reopen, Click here to apply!

The Role of a Jr Builder

The role of a Jr Builder is to help out the builders with projects around the server. You will mainly be focused on the upcoming RP world. This will involve creating buildings , landscaping and creating quests.

To apply for Jr builder you must show a range different building styles and at a good quality. Builds must be built on the server for the builders to check them out. You must also be an relativity active member of the server.

If you have any questions please talk to Cas, Scott or any other member of the building team and we will be more than happy to answer them. You can find us on the server, forums or on ts.

Click here to apply!
by ScottJones at 3:56 PM
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Join us today for our monthly build off!
What is a "Build off"?

Build off is a competition hosted by ScottJones. You have one hour to build a structure in the style selected. You will get a 30x30 plot of land that is bedrock to sky limit. You can work in groups, but the amount of people in your group
will be taken away from your score (3 people -3 points)

What style is this months build off?


When is the build off?

8pm (UK - UTC)

What are the prizes?

1st Place - $1000 and a fish tank head with Aqua Affinity and Respiration on it.
2nd Place - $500 and a potato named "PotatOS" with Knockback 2 and Sharpness 5 on it.
3rd Place - $100 and a blaze rod with Fire aspect 2 on it.

Hope to see you there!