1. You can connect to our Minecraft server with the IP: MC.TooMuchMinecraft.com

by CadetKeto at 12:52 AM
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It appears the server is offline, the staff are unaware of what is causing this issue and are currently investigating.


The server should be back and now fully functioning. It was forced to shut down because of an important update that was forced upon us -.-

Thank you for your patience during these difficult times xD
by CadetKeto at 10:18 PM
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The server has recently been having stability problems. Because of this we have temporarily taken the server out of the public domain to fix the problem.

Once the server is brought back online it would be appreciated if any issues found since the downtime, could be posted in the comment section below with full details of the issue.

Thank you.


Current Issues known:

Holographic notices have "gone poof"

(Hopefully) Fixed issues:
About a billion pig spawners appeared at /warp dth
Creative game-mode in the "creative" world.
PvP in the world's disabled.
Updated our Anti-Spam on the website, so hopefully the number of "dodgy" users should decline.
NPC's have "gone poof".
by CadetKeto at 11:30 PM
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Hey guys, this patch doesn't bring much, but all the female players of TMM will love it.


  • Female Versions of Donator Ranks are now implemented. If you would like your rank changed to a female version, please post below.
  • TMMFM is now accepting DJ Applications again, if you would like to apply, please post here.

Other than that, for the list of other things added, please refer to here for the latest patch notes.

Thanks for your continued support!

by Wysie at 2:13 AM
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This patch is mostly new server inclusions, which we believe will bring a much better experience to TMM!

  • We've introduced a new main world with a new spawn (Screenshot below), as the old world was becoming messy.
  • Reinstalled Quake with a new system, and included Paintball, with it's own shop, rank and leaderboard system!
  • Created a new creative world with an automated plot system, accessible with /warp creative and by using /plotme in-game.
  • Removed old creative world.
  • Created 'Cumulative packages' in Buycraft, so that donators can upgrade directly through Buycraft with a proper calculated price rather than relying on staff to estimate and manually upgrade.
  • Installed new API to allow floating 'user-name' styled text, as seen below.
  • Tweaked forum and server syncing again, some users were having issues with being set to the 'Guest' group and being unable to view pages.
  • Created the TMM Steam group, as explained...
by CadetKeto at 4:00 PM
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Hello everyone!

This is the post for moving stuff into the new shiny 1.7 world. Now - you may have noticed that we have an 'old' world, and an 'old old' world, if that makes any sense....which it probably doesn't.

We will be moving stuff from both worlds into the new shiny 1.7 world.

We will be deleting the 'old old' world on 1st April! So please make sure you have all builds you want moved posted here asap!
We will not be deleting the custom world (the 'old' world) for a while yet - so please don't panic and demand everything be built straight away.

Please do not mistake this thread for moving builds into the custom world. This thread can be found here!

OK, so now all that hullabaloo is out the way, here is what you need to do to get your builds moved.

  • Step 1 - Post down below with the co-ordinates of your build, and which of the 'old' worlds it is in.
  • Step 2 - In your...