1. You can connect to our Minecraft server with the IP: MC.TooMuchMinecraft.com

by CadetKeto at 11:34 AM
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Hey guys!

We are almost at 10,000 likes on our Facebook page- and to celebrate we will be giving away some donator rank prizes on our server!
To enter, just click on the giveaway tab underneath our banner! All you have to do is like our Facebook page and follow us on twitter! Its that simple!

The competition closes Friday 8th August! Good Luck to everyone who enters!
We would also just like to take the time to thank you all for all the support we have received recently! It really means a lot! <3 <3 <3

by CadetKeto at 7:10 PM
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Hey everyone!

I have some exciting news! Thanks to @Cas we now have our very own app! The TMM App is great for those who are involved in the TMM community. This is a hub for all your TMM needs. It allows you to easily access to the forums, dynmap and voting systems all in one convenient place.

Unfortunatly you will need to be 17 years old to download this app. This is due to apple being a load of butt heads.

If you would like to download this app, simply go to this link:

We also have an android version, go to this link for it! :)

Thanks guys!

by CadetKeto at 7:45 PM
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Here is a list of the latest patch notes just before we upgrade to 1.7.9. Our technical monkeys have been working really hard to improve the all round user experience for people to enjoy this update!

  • Added rent-able shops at spawn. This will allow users to create their own public shop in a prime location for customers. We will also be setting rent-able regions at the same price as region protection + 2500 credits.
  • Added the ChestShop plugin. This now allows for a better system for player to player trading. Players will be able to set up there own shops in their towns/cities. To find out how to create a chest-shop, click here!
  • Released the 'premium' rank. This rank is a monthly subscription and designed to be an exclusive title to the more active members in the community, whilst drastically supporting TMM. For a full list of benefits, please click...
by EmperorFishStick at 4:17 AM
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Hey Guys, here is a competition that anyone can join and participate in below there are 8 categories to submit your winning project and of course the more stuff you do the more likely that you'll get the prizes at the end.

Also the design competition meaning the (Key Ring And T-shirt Design) The winner of these will be created into actual products and will be handed out at EuroGamer 2015 and your winning product will be sent to you for you to cherish.

Key Ring_edited-1.jpg
Youtube Tmm_edited-1.jpg
Survival Map

Start: 22/05/2014 Finish: XX/XX/XXXX...
by Wysie at 4:33 PM
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Hey guys,

We're going to be starting a new monthly competition, the Most Active Member of the Month award! It's a bit lengthy, but you can call it whatever you want, MvM award (Most valued member) etc.

The way this will work is the staff team each week will decide which members have been the most active, helpful and kind on the forums. This will be determined primarily by the Members tab, through most messages and experience, so be sure to get those posts and experience up! Also through small but useful things such as welcoming new members, both on the site and server, voting for the server and participating in other people's threads rather than just your own.

Experience can be earned by posting threads and replies, liking other users' posts, receiving likes, following and receiving follows from users, voting on polls, creating resources and liking others' resources,...